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Force Master + High Ping

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this game in general doesn't matter which class you play, maybe less relevant as destroyer... but any other class you need as smoothest as possible ping to play the classes and combo properly to actually be effective in pve and pvp...  slow reactions in pvp gets you dead real fast :c


I currently main a FM and it feels orgasmic to spam skills real fast and frost/burn sh*t to the ground o_o

it's even very entertaining in pvp lol

3 icy moves > stun > 3 icy moves > stun xD and if you got decent ping you use fire moves in between them moves while you keep your opponent frozen... easy pvp :3 it's even easy vs sins and summoners if you know what you're doing ...


you should try out FM and see if your ping works well for you, if you find yourself getting hit so often in pve... because you f*ck up your combos due to high ping.. you should consider try a different class :(

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