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Where is launcher??


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Um, where is the launcher for this game??


  • I do not see any launcher or launcher shortcut in installation folder
  • I did not choose to install a shortcut on desktop because I don't like cluttering my desktop
  • Launching the game through C:/program files x86/NCWest/NCLauncher/NCLauncher.exe will throw the error 03001 "an error has occurred"
  • The only way for me to launch the game is to use the shortcut in start menu (which points to C:/program files x86/NCWest/NCLauncher/NCLauncher.exe, so why is it not working when I use the actual exe to launch?). What if I accidentally remove that entry in start menu? I can't launch the game anymore? Creating another shortcut from NCLauncher.exe doesn't work, throws same error


What in the world is going on here? I have never seen such a convoluted launcher for an MMO.

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