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Need help responding to a ticket.


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Hi, it will sound really dumb but I have no idea what the support want me to do, I'm trying to get a hacked account back and they keep saying me that : 



Thank you for the update. We are able to verify your and account and also we have much enough information about it.

Kindly submit us a new ticket using your new email at support@bladeandsoul.com  - You don't need to create a new NC Account -- just another email address.

Then the reference this ticket (#something) in the subject line.

Looking forward for your new submitted ticket.



I just really don't get how the Cricket im supposed to make a ticket with a new email without logging in.


I'm sure it's pretty easy but I really don't get it.


Thanks in advance.

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That doesn't make much sense to me either but I think they want you to contact them on a new email in case the email you're using to contact them (for them to reply like that^) may be compromised - so on a new email, email support and put in your reference number and explain the situation, like "I've done what you asked me to do" etc etc and work from there. 

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Looks like NCSoft wants you to make a new e-mail so that they can transfer your hacked account over to your new e-mail, if that makes sense.


Using a new e-mail address they want you to send an e-mail to support@bladeandsoul.com using your ticket number as the subject.

e-mails send to support@bladeandsoul.com are treated the same as tickets.

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