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drawing lyns/females, free, price me?

Red Bean

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Hey guys, I want to start drawing for gold but first I need to develop some samples.

Please post your Lyn/female preset or some reference here. When I quote you with your art, I would appreciate it if you would leave an estimate of how much you WOULD pay for it.

I can't determine how long it will take to do each drawing.

Each drawing will be a simple headshot sketch.

Since I suck at drawing I'm limiting the selection to females or Lyns. 




IGN: Lychee Goma

Server: Poharan

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Sure, would love to help out an artist and in the process show off my baby Warlock! 


Here's Nova for you:








Feel free to try her in Wolfskin! Also, only minor difference between game model and actual proportions is she has Yulia's breast size, pictured for reference below :>



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