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How have accounts been hacked?

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I thot we could try to gather info about how ppls accounts have been hacked to help prevent future cases. 

On my end, I've noticed that a few ppl who have been hacked described having a card on file with ncsoft.


I wonder if that's how ppl are getting hacked? Because according to them they have done all other measures to protect their account. But then again, bots are in the game. And ur card is in the game, and some describe buying ncoin from in game only. I don't know much tho. 


Psa: pls do NOT put a card on ur account, especially not ingame!!! At least use paypal. And if that doesnt work use amazon's ncoin bundles from ncsoft amazon. 


Also, I've noticed at times, while being up late and checking this website, that my chrome mobile browser detects a security issue and warns me about continuing to log into the site. I have always erred on the side of safety and just pause and attempt to log in at a later date. This might be important to pay attention too, if this might have happened to someone who has gotten hacked. 


Also, is it possible someone may have resulted in a compromised account from buying ncoin in game with gold? Hav ppl who have gotten hacked participated in this? 


Just trying to consider possibilities. Pls let me know what you think or know regarding my speculations, or if you have speculations of ur own. 

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