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help BM get 400+ AP


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I don't know if you have been told or even heard or asked about ur weapon path, but atm you have chosen the oathbreaker path that is going to be a lot more difficult and costly vrs if you went with the Siren path, yes in the end u will get the same results cause the paths will both became the same weapon. You can do two things since u went oathbreaker


1) Bare with the hardship and continue on and find a guild or group of friends that can make Silverfrost Trans stones and help u get the mats u need to evolve


2)Which is a hard thing to swallow is to start over from scratch with ur weapon and make it all the way back to Siren path


Which ever u choose is up to u just know what ur getting into now.


Definitely get ur accessories up and get the Pirate Bracelet from Blood Shade Harbor/ Nightshade Harbor  that accessorie is able to evolve and try to get ur accessories all the way to True siren.


I'm assuming u have the Sparkling Pentagon Diamond which is gud if not find the time to save up and buy it


after uve gotten all ur wep and accessories up to a gud point focus on getting ur Moonwater Soul



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