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So many bug


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F8 - Cross server instans 

 1. Leave group and your are return to lobby (where you no longer are allowed to be) Why the .... not back where you choose dungeon 


When you need an upgrade items (Dungeon)

 1. Why do you have to try more than 10 times  before the correct item drops, it make the game boring!

  2. While in these instances when you choose to mark where you take damage at least make it correct I have to stand 10-20% away from marking "To not take damage or freeze)

  3. Target system is so bad, I like to choose you to hit based on choice and not what the game decide 


Soul stones

 1. It should be possible to get soul stones without turning PVP on!

 2. PvP is not fun for all people



 1 Why have items they are all the same and almost never used 

 2 Why have a game like this and have all players run around with same gesr


Boss fight

  1 Why the F.U.C.K have a NPC standing at the fire that can kill any on in 1 sec!!!!!!!!!!


One thing at a time 

 1. What kind of developer do you have, when you cannot do anything in parallel

  1a. if you open a box you cannot do anything

  1b. If you sprint you cannot drink


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