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Question about FPS problem


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Hi guys. I bought a laptop MSI GL62 6QD (specification below) and I have serious problem with FPS on lowest setting 20-21 fps, highest settings 5fps. I had some problem with this laptop, first couldnt install OS (few bsod) now also I had bsod no idea what was reason. And I wonder if such low FPS is normal OR if there is some problem with laptop (I have it from 1 day).  According to gamedebate website my laptop should run it without any problem (2 times better than rec.)





i7-6700HQ (2.6 GHz, 3.5 GHz Turbo, 6 MB Cache)

8GB RAM DDR4 (2133 MHz)



I use high performance mode. I dont know if this matter but when I try use Windows system classification I got crash everytime. All drivers updated.

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I'd say it's your comp.  I've run the game on a system slightly lower than that at max settings (1920x1080 res) without any issues.  Only time fps ever dropped below 50 fps was at BW.  Been on a slower system since level 50 patch and fps still usually runs 30+ fps most of the time.

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so how ppl must config performs to work BnS stable ?
i have same problem .... lot off ppl fps drop like at harvest 1-5 from 98...
using i7 3770 3.9k
gtx 950
16gb dd3 1333mhx

ssd on windows  other ssd for game
running w10

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After all night I found the fking problems:


1. if u have geforce experiance enter it, go to preferamnces (menu on upper right site), than battery boost and disbale battery boost - it lowers ur max fps to 20

2. if u have nvidia dgpu in laptop than go to nvidia control panel, than 3D managment, global settings and choose NVIDIA procesor high performance


I could gave wrong names because I work on PL win7 version, but still u should find what change.


Not sure still what about my laptop shut down sometimes ... I dont think its overheating and not quite idea what it can be thought ;/

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