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some help to upgrade my system


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Operating system : Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit (6.1, build 7601)

Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4CPUs), ~3.2GHz

Memory : 4096 MB RAM

Directx: 11



Name : NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

Chip type: GeFore GT 630

DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC

Approx. total memory: 3761 MB




i need help to know what should i update to get better BnS gaming time and less laggs and freezes


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GT 630 is very low end GPU so start here as CPU should be fine. RAM is cheap enough now - 8GB min 16GB for future, ensure adequate power from PSU for any upgrade. SSD if you don't already have.


It's probably worth mentioning the engine is the limiting factor in a lot of situations as even with a much faster rig the game can and will still suffer slowdowns, freezes and lately crashes.

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1 - Upgrade your GPU. It.. there is no nice way to say this.. sucks. 

2 - Upgrade your RAM to 16 gigabytes. Buy 4x 4GB or 2x8GB. The latter is easier to upgrade, but i dont really think there is much need for this anytime soon.

3 - If it's a K processor: Go into your uefi/bios and set the processors boost to at least 40 (4.0 ghz), better about 42+ (4,2ghz +)


If you do these three and play without shadows and other players effects (like every sane person should xD) you should be fine.


Since in your last post (at the time i wrote this) you said that you can buy what you want.. basically going to a hardware site of your trust and sorting for popular / top clicks or something similar will tell you the most price efficient components to buy for a mid-higher end pc. If you want a high end.. buy an top nvidia graphics card (performance index 80, maybe TI) with a new intel i5 or i7(not really worth for gaming!) K-version processor and for the sake of yourself get an ssd as big as possible - if budged is a problem just take one for the operating system. It does wonders :)


Other than that: get a mainboard that fulfills the needs of the components chosen by you. Then get a power supply that fits your needs, for that look up what your processor and your gpu eats and add "a few" watts for other components like fans and drives and you are good to go. Obviously for a higher end system you want good cooling, so buy a custom cpu fan or a water cooling system (not nessecarry for systems that are not heavily overclocked imo) and be sure to manage your cables, they shouldnt be in the air flow. For that there are also computer cases that have a sort of cable management.

TL;DR: If you tell people that there is no budget, the answer will most likely involve a completely new pc. If that's not what you want you should describe your situation a bit more detailed and point out what you want to keep or upgrade or how much you intend to spend maximum or if money is absolutely no problem for you. 

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