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[EU] Tournament tonight 8 PM CEST by eSports Wall!

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Hey Guys :)


eSports Wall is hosting online gaming tournaments every week. We try to create the eSports experience for all players, regardless of their skill level. From Monday till Friday we host tournaments starting at 8 PM CEST. You can follow them all on our livestream here!


Tonight it's time for Blade and Soul, we play a single elimination bracket with BO3 spars. The first prize is a gCrusader keyboard sponsored by Azolt! You can sign up for free, lets have some fun in the arena! We will host more Blade and Soul tournaments in a weekly schdule starting at 28 April, every Thursday night is Blade and Soul night, hope to see you there as well;)


Sign up here for tonights tournament!


You can find our discord server here!


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Bad bluu op hahaha. Where was Bevv senpai tho :^)
I only saw him in twitch chat spamming those sexy Kappas :^^^^^)


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