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How to protect your account.


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To protect your accounts, change your password to something like ha35463v9z89wat and write it down and keep it in your wallet or something, also deactivate authorized IP so if a hacker spoofs to your IP they won't be able to login without you getting an email with a code to login. Also every 90 days change your email back and fourth because when you do that it'll lock your ability to change for 90 days so you will always have access to your emails, and make sure to keep them safe. c:
It is unknown if they're able to inject a keylogger or if they use some noob brute force method, and have your login launcher remember you so that way you never have to type in your email so they won't get ahold of that anyway, make it something not related to your game, like mine is "randomemail@mail.com" sometimes but I never have to type it in so they'd just be guessing.
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