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Game can't start after charcter selection, and some glitch


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I have some trouble with my game client. Firstly, since last month the game keeping freeze after charater selection. Image below:


A little describe: My computer have no 3rd party program which interrupts gameGuard such as (Razer and ASUSGameFirst)(base on my search in this forum).

My spec is :



Second problem is: My last game experience is kind of laggy. Normally when I am at the solo area (such as Mushin's Tower) my FPS is about 50, but while in 24man dungeon, it is 20. Recently, event when I am at solo area, my ping still drop below 20.
Someone on the internet also instruct to adjust Graphics control panel but I can't do anything with this panel.Untitled.png

And lastly, it is about terrain. Since I haven't been able to log in yet, last time I played, in Supply chain and Nightshade Harbor and some other place have some unstable terrance. For example, in 24man E.Supplychain, if I take the red Dragonpulse near the kitchen, it will take me to the brigde near Poharan, but always, the brigde won't appear for some reason, at the result, I stuck under that brigde with only option - "Escape" button. Some time I can even swin under Poharan's ship and Mysterious Man's ship.

Hope you can't explain and tell me what to do. I can't play for more than 1 month. I want to end my boredom.

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