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WL or FM more desired in parties?


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Hi all,

I was wondering which job between warlock and force master was more 'wanted' or 'needed' in parties for dungeons at endgame.  I currently have a WL at HM2 and around 423 AP, but it cannot be in a clan with friends due to being in the wrong faction (I don't want to faction change since I need soulstones to craft and it is easiest to get them on CO rather than Crimson).  I also have a level 34 FM who, to be honest, seems to just be much more powerful than my WL was at that level and is a lot of fun and could also join my friends' clan.


Which of these two jobs would find the most welcome (given decent skill and equal gear) in endgame dungeons?  I know WL is good to have for the soul burn buff, but FM also brings a lot of dps that I don't think my WL can match (but may make up for with the buff).  Any information would be helpful!  Thanks!

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Both classes are great. It all comes down to how you play the class. The best FM is useless in the hands of an imbecile. Just go for whatever class you desire most.

For dungeons - As long as you know how to play your class you will always find a party.


Good luck

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