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Can we get DEV FEEDBACK on the


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immense failure that you call GAMEGUARD and what yall are planning on doing to rectify all the legit players it is hurting. The bots and speed hackers are still in place so it undoubtedly did not stop them.  Since GG is still in place is there something in the works to compensate all of those LEGIT players who can not play the game with the FPS drops and freezes or the people that can't Get into the game because of the 4049 error?


I mean the board is filled with angry upset posts and not one Dev response to any of them.  I mean the only action they seem to be getting are moderators either closing or deleting under the premise of duplicate topics or non constructive topics.


Can we get some feed back from NCSoft on this?

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Try joining the main thread on the topic, rather than making yet another one.


9 hours ago, PhoenixMitra said:

Hi everbody,


Each and every one of your posts is helping us determine the best course of action. Please note that we are merging any threads on this topic and none of your posts are being deleted as we do so. This helps us keep this valid information in one place for our review.


Thank you!


Team Blade & Soul


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