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Mission Impossible 7: Download Blade & Soul


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jesus, cow-slappin', christ.
This game is the WORST download I have ever had to deal with. I have spent over 4 days just trying to get the launcher for the game download to work properly and download without me having to be nutsack to computer 24/7. First of all, the launcher can NEVER hold a stable connection, it's download speed will bounce from 1 mbps rapidly to 600 bps, and it is NOT my internet's fault. I have gotten almost every single error this poor excuse for a launcher has, and the one that keeps on giving is E02018. I have tried using SoftEther, and it actually makes it worse, insanely worse, not just destroying my connection to the launcher but also just to general websites. I don't know how they expected anyone to ever be able to download this game, if the E02018 error appears in a patch download every 25 minutes, on a 9 GB download. 

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