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Some bugs and suggestions


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Hello there,

I don't know if this issue is only mine but I am a summoner and everytime when i log off with my pvp skills set up and later I log in, my cat have 24k of hp like I am in arena so I need to change my pvp build to pve to have 64k of hp for my cat and change it again in pvp build when i need to do pvp. Can support fix this?

Suggerstion: Can you do something at the command Escape in order to don't let people use it when is under attack? I really hate people that use Escape for avoiding death. There is nothing to lose if your character die, do you know? no PvP Point, no money, no equip. Why this people use escape in pvp? LOL It is really a ridicolous and sad thing! My maxim is: Fight as pro and die as noob! Follow it everyone :)


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