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Restoring Order to the Quarry - Loot Not Damage or Party Based


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For the daily mentioned in the title, you are required to defeat the NPCs of the opposite faction near the mining drills. Once these are defeated, a third boss will spawn.


This third boss is also required for the daily, as killing it will cause an item to drop, as with any other boss on Soulstone Plains. The problem is, that this box will only drop for the person or party that hit the boss first, as if it is a normal monster found anywhere else in the game. And on top of that, only the very first person to then pick up the dropped loot will complete the daily, as the item will not automatically register for the rest of the party (if said person is in a party to begin with)


In other words, the only way to complete this daily as of now is to either not party at all and hit the boss before anyone else, or join a party and hope you are the one able to pick the loot up before anyone else does.


This can not be intentional for what is supposed to be a server wide event which involves over 20 to 40 people all attacking this same boss for their daily quest, especially not when every other boss in Soulstone Plains, including the two NPC bosses near the mining drills you need to kill for the first half of this quest, are based on damage contribution.


How to fix this?

Simple make this boss also drop loot based on damage contribution. Else no one but ONE person every time he spawns will be able to complete the quest, and it is not an easy quest to begin with.

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