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Character login disconnected from server


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Whenever i select my character and try to log in the game, while the screen is loading i get this error (1000 132 10054) .... i can't log in at all, i think it might be some dns/ip problem cuz i tried to log in at my friend house and it was fine there! what can i try? 

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Same problem... I log sometimes got me DC in laod screen or give me message saying unable to connect to server, try later. I tested many times in very different ways, another internet connection, repair files, with anitivirus and firewall inactive, another account, logign in EU server or Aion, finally my conclusion is:

- I can log properly in Aion or EU server with same account.
- I can log in NA with another account creating new character in any server except the one a play (Master Hong)

- I can't log with any of my 3 characters in my server Master Hong, but i created in same account new char in Yunwa and Gunma and that characters can log without any problem.


So my problem is i cannot connect with my main characters or any other of the same server i play mainly. LOL

Status: Currently waiting for some answer from ticket support.

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