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and once again, EU SUM HACKER.


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We have another Level 37 EU Sum called Jaijin BOT/HACKER who is now RANK 2. Perma Resist... Woop!


Is it going to be another 2 weeks like last time before he's banned?


Edit: I see Gameguard was re-enabled in the last 12 hours - It's clearly working as intended. LOL!

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1 hour ago, Reyax said:

Can't believe EU don't know how to counter that. Easily counterable on NA. 

Please do tell how to then.

I tried clicking every skill I have resist all when I actually managed to target it. And cant run around to not get damaged, and it drains your chi aswell. Or cant get any chi cuz resist everything.


I guess you could just wait 3min and cuz its not moving and cat didnt attack you untill you go in range.


But it wasnt like I'v seen some videos where they actualy take some damage. This just stood there spamming and nothing you could do.


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