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[Momentary Solution] Disconnected from server.(1000)(132, 15100)


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I've been experiencing this issue for months till I get to the solution yesterday. I installed DNS Jumper v2.0 and I haven't had any problem since then.




Choose the Google DNS and click on "Apply DNS"

To revert it, click on the Star button and select "Restore DNS"


Credits to Jaret

On 31/1/2016 at 8:08 PM, Jaret said:


I'm from Italy and I got the " disconnected from server (1000) (132, 15100)" everytime I started the game.

The game worked only if I used a vpn service.

I fixed it changing the dns on the router. My isp (telecom italia) dns had problems with B&S,I forced the router to use google dns ( and, as suggested some posts ago, and it worked like a charm.


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