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Now that everybody is lvl 49 or 50, there is no excuse for leaving early. Every lvl 49-50 with mediocre gear has stats eaqual to previously high end lvl 45 character, so if they leave early, it's just their laziness.

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I swear it was 400+ before but I had too low power to do it before. I was glad I was finally able to do it now that I have 409 but so many elitists kept leaving because we didn't have 450+. So I got mad and left. I was literally pressing recruiting for like 5 mins and ppl just kept leaving. God, I hate elitists. I could understand if 450+ was really the requirement to do it, I would never try the harder dungeons. But just a month ago, ppl were like 400 is enough and it shouldn't be hard at that lvl. Hell someone I know, said 385 was enough to do it.

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1 hour ago, Lurkios said:

Based on personal observation:


Groups averaging:

380AP - Fail

390AP - Mostly Fail

400AP - Mostly Fail

410AP - Mostly Fail

420AP - 50/50

430AP - Mostly Success

440AP - Mostly Success

450AP - Success

based on personal observation:

360 ap- could do but mostly fail

380- could do but slow

390+ ez life

----------------------------------------------------------------the lfgs for previous patch started here and were pretty much 90% successful

400- no problem what so ever

420+ what kind of bad players did you encounter that only from here on its 50/50 chance, either u went full gear carry or just decided to not dodge and watch enrage timer hit =.=

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