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Hoongmoon Energy Soul

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23 minutes ago, ClearSky PhoeniX said:

So I heard that if you buy some oathbreaker pieces not sure how many and where to get em you can get a hoongmoon energy soul to fit in your (Soul) slot.


Anyone got it? and if yes how? I have no idea how to get that soul or if it even exists.


Thank you for helping :)

search the market place for 'Oathbreaker Sword'  there are 3 pieces that when combined, create the Hongmoon energy rank 1, with 15 attack power, also if you mouse over them in the Market place it will show were they drop from.

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there r two ways to get soul energy

1.  get moonwater soul then evole once

2.  use oath breaker pieces


price dont differ much.

u need 8 honorary odnarment in total for the first way, so its like 120+G

the second choice is abt the same price, but it saves u a lot of work(dont need to run lab or farm tablet)


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16 hours ago, zorz767 said:

Just looked this up. I'm wondering why the part that drops from 4m Necropolis is much more xpensive than others. 145g right now on EU. Do you guys think the price will go down?

Necropolis takes a lot longer to run, so few people run it. Lots of people running lair for the recipe, and Yeti for the 100 4-man achievement for the +7 AP

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2 hours ago, Ambition said:

Can anyone explain to me how this works? what items do i need exactly and how do i craft this soul? thnx


where can you see this btw

type "false edge" in market search, you will see the most expensive of the 3 parts. you mouse over it and see other parts too. I don't know how exactly the creation works, because I have only 2 parts right now.

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