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Terrible Lagspikes / FPS Drops


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Last week I've started playing this game and ever since the start I get terrible FPS drops every 10-20 seconds. My FPS is usually around 60, but tends to suddenly drop to about 10-20. It happens mostly when fighting or when a lot is going on. But it even tends to happen when standing still.


I'm pretty sure it's not my hardware, as everything seems to run smooth in between the lagspikes. I also tried putting the graphics lower, but that didn't work either. It just increased my FPS a little, but the drops are still there.


My specs aren't the best, but certainly should be able to run this game. 

I'm running a notebook with Nvidia GT640M, i5-3210M and 8GB of RAM. I already checked if my notebook isn't just using the integrated Intel HD, but that's not the case.

Also I am on cabled internet, so can't be wifi-lag either. And pinging to my router didn't show any lagspikes.


I have played several games of similar graphics quality and they all work perfectly fine. It's basically only this game that has the problem. I've seen several topics about this, but my problem seems slightly different, so I decided to open my own topic. I hope anyone knows a fix or can tell me what is causing this.

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19 minutes ago, Gurox said:

use pingplotter ou can see their server are unstable , we talked about it here :


It's not a server-sided problem. I am playing with 2 friends on the same server, and they don't have any problems at all.

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12 hours ago, Zimbo said:

I am having exactly the same problem. Yesterday it was running just fine.

Did you change anything to your game or pc settings?


I haven't had a single day of it running just fine. One day seems better than the other day though, but it's never completely gone. I guess it also depends on the area I am in. It's mainly cities and dungeons (the more crowded places) that seem to cause it. But then again, even when I'm in the middle of nowhere, standing still, it still happens sometimes.


I never had this problem before in any other MMO. And some of these MMO's were even more crowded than this one.

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I did a report about this,  My game been working fine, untill last patch that was 30mars,  Now, i have 2-3sec delay in Arena, world, cross dungeon, everywhere.  but when i dont fight a NPC or player enemy, i have no delay issues on Counter or tiger punch.  

The Delay come when you fighting something,  


It prolly something they screwed up in there patch, Maybe localisaion Fix, 

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