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Scummoners in Arena..... >.<


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Hey there flaming community !

Now before you start saying that I am a hater a noob and have no idea how to pvp or be able to controll my character I want to point out that YES I may lack some mechanics,but I am overall a good player.
Now let's start about the Scummoners. I'm a Blade Master player and I'm finding it difficult to find even ONE cc that Scummoners DON'T have. I will name some of them now and make sure you correct me if I'm wrong.
So, they have (Daze,Stun.Knockdown,Knockup,Air Combo,Grapple,Heal,Poison,Stealth,Ranged attack Immune,Root and Shield that prevents any dmg taken.) Now please name ONE thing that Scummoners DONT have and other class do,apart from the spin2win (which is absolutely rediculous giving the fact that you are immune as long as you have chi to any given cc).
Once you use TAB (trinket) and you get out of a certain CC the Scumomner has....and then he Grapples you again you are pretty much dead....the only class that seems to easily kill Scummoners is the KFM and his unlimited stuns and yet some have trubles.
Prove me wrong by not saying you need to learn how to play against them...

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22 minutes ago, amorent said:

You don't kill decent summoners as bm, they can literally be half-afk and still kill you. Try getting your hm legendary skills, that might help.

This^. Accept this fact and move on or play other classes. 


A bad summoner can beat an average BM by just face rolling. Only a good to extreme good Blade master can beat an average or good summoner even though they are still struggling. I don't know what else to advise you but BM take a lot of effort and skill level to play right now where HM legendary skill is not easy accessible. Just play with an open mind, don't rage and quit. Just keep on practicing although you lose. After all practice will make perfect. Maybe after 1000 matches, you will learn a thing or two ;)

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