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Support Contact Number?

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Dear NCwest,


Is there any contact number to call regarding sending in ticket? Like Blizzard Entertainment, they always have customer hotline 24/7 ready to resolve our account issues, and not making your consumers sitting here wait til kingdom comes. 


I have been locked from my account for no apparent reason, sent in a ticket and all I got for waiting 24 hours is asking me whether I had travel overseas and where did this said account was made at. (I replied already by the way)


I only received an email telling me that some other person from a *Other* country is trying to log into my account during wee hours of my time. Next thing I know I was locked from my account.


I have changed my password, scan for malware, what ever shenanigans there is to help resolve this issue.


I used WTFast, but that doesn't seem to be the issue here.  


Also, I have premium time on my account, is NCwest going to refund me my game time? Like extend my membership for the number of days you have locked me from my account? I also was not able to complete my dailies for 2 days, though I am not asking any refund for it. Just unlock my account, or have better customer support.

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Meybe they got bether fun to watch people as potatos and don't even try to solve Lock Account problem ;/ i waiting 29 hours and no one help ;( i pay for game so i wanna back money or refound Locked time in game . I'm not gold seller or bot just use a WTFast to improve connection because shity internet in this country ;/ 

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So it's WTFast that's showing you login from a different ip?


I mean did they provide you with the ip that tried to login from "a *Other* country" and you confirmed that to be your ip assigned by WTFast? Or is it possible the account was actually compromised as they suspect?

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Dont' know but 2 days ago some try to log from US and i send them that IP in ticket also i make a mobile verification but yesterday i got a Lock Account soo.... 
Why no one from support contact me like normal person just 2 guys send same mail to me and i tell all i know .
That was yesterday and form almost 29 hours no contact from Support ;/ did they have only 2 Man on support side i though support should work 24/7 .

Sorry for bad English but im a bit disappointed all this situation and Clan members also a'r worried about this .

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IP Address:
Country: Other *
What the email told me about. IP address and the said country. 

I did not say anything about WTFast, only mentioned that I used it to play.

Besides, if the locked my account to protect it, why not unlock it when the actual user is reaching out? What is up with all this wait?

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BnS is an amazing game but Support and the Dev team will be the death of it if they don't get their act together. I submitted a ticket about dcing in chapter, Silverfrost, and they had me send them the diagnostics of my pc, check my ip, internet line. Essentially everything however I did not know about the optimize for low pc setting, btw I do not have, and tried it for giggles. Lo and behold it worked. Support over complicated a simple issue... How hard is it to suggest using that setting first instead of having us install potentially hazardous programs to our pcs??? Sigh they have never helped me. It has been the player base or I figure it out on my own.  


TL;DR Good luck because support is always right, even when they're wrong, and assume the issue is you or your hardware and not anything to do with there old *cricket* servers, or their programming...

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You people need to remember its not ONLY YOU who send in tickets, there are others aswel so you simply need to wait your turn. If you keep replying multiple times to your own ticket that will also screw you over.


As for the locked accounts: its a well known issue that a lot of people using wtfast get lockouts because also spammers and gold sellers compromise those ip's. That is the one big issue wtfast has.

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I've have similar prob on Microsoft account...locked out for over a month.  Have had the same account w/them for

over 15 years and first problem.


The only way they will let me back on is with a text number that they approve of.


The one text message phone # i have they won't accept.


Other companies accept that number and often also provide for a computerized voice to call you for those who don't have

text numbers.


Also asked them why it was locked, and they said either someone was trying to crack it, or I violated the ToS -- and

point me to a two page description of possible violations -- but they won't tell me what I supposedly did nor tell me why they

won't accept my message number nor why they can't call me directly.


Both support idiots I've talked to will only point me to Tos and point me to their general recovery page for how to deal with

being locked out -- which tells me to put in my number and and return announced code to them.


The BnS support people seem alot more clueful than most support folk I've talked to -- but they are limited by the tools given

to them (and likely the number of people w/problems -- for both of those thank the "devs"...)


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