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10th class hints...


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2 hours ago, Yamyatos said:

Gunner, Archer, Spear/Lancer or something alike does not seem out of question.

I personally hope it's some sort of spearer > archer > gunner. I dislike the idea of a gunner in a martial arts game.


But i guess there is actually a third hint hidden in it "[..] and has yet to appear in the game [..]"

Technically archer, spearer and gunner are all in the game yet in form of npcs. Poheran would be a gunner, the lycan guy in the cave is a spear/bow hybrid, the guy in the tower is a fully fetched archer.


I guess it could be a class with two sword. I'd love that. I love sword classes, blade master is great and two sword would just look amazing. I could imagine it having a very agile, dynamic gameplay with fast skills and a lot of mobility and dps. 


Edit: All i can think off:

- Two one handed swords (would like it)

- Broadsword

- Whip

- Telekinesis (would like it)

- Fan (would like it)

- Nunchuko


Out of all of them, broadsword and two swords might be too close to other classes while whip does not fit into the game. Not sure about telekinesis being to close to caster classes, but they can potentially make a good class out of it. Another ranged tho..

I would really like the idea of a range/meele hybrid fan class or something alike. Maybe even with telekinesis and wind like elements.


Would LOVE something unique to blade and soul like the fan, BUT even though Yehara is a KungFu Master she also uses her fan. Would that count ? :(

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8 hours ago, Yomachi said:

If not gunner... Polearm wielder? Nunchuk wiedler? Fan wielder? Haldberd wielder?

Oh my gosh i'd LOVE a fan dancer or something, or polearm~ <3 But id be more hyped about a fan XD

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personally id love to see a holy type character with a staff. im pretty sure that hasnt been seen before. A staff weildng cha. A mid ranged class. Like a monk.


Available to maybe gons and lyns and jins.

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Any physical range combat class would do in my opinion.


As of now class set up is...


there are more melee classes (5 melee classes) than range class (3 range classes) and the recent 1 hybrid melee/range combat Chi Master (NA version's name for Soul Fighter as revealed in Soul Fighter weapon drops we have now).


All range combat classes are magic/chi user classes.


B&S currently has no Physical Range Combat class.

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It's ganna be the Master Cat because:

1. It's not a hybrid because summoner is already the hybrid of Master Cat. (Summoner has both Lyn and the Cat).

2. Has yet to appear.  (Because no cats without a lynn)

3. Highly anticipated by cats.  (Imagine the hype when cats no longer have to be abused by lyns) 


The downside is, it's the same as summoner's cat, Master Cat gets no new abilities, and missing the summoner abilities.

Also it is totally balanced, because the Dev said so they promised.

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59 minutes ago, Hegaton said:

a mech infused with chi! joking.. 

I wouldn't mind something like that so I can just sit back and relax while my mech does all the work. lol  ;)




All jokes aside, anything unique (like a Fan or Gunner class) would be fine by me. 

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1 hour ago, Naunet said:

Why does it feel like every single Korean MMO adds the same "new" classes? NCSoft in particular... always "gunner"...

Because, while many may hate guns in RL, we love them in fiction!  Also, Soha made it look that good!

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Since its a highly anticipated class in Korea I would either guess it to be a Gunner Class or Scyth Wielding Class.

But if it isn't a part of the game yet that woul rule out Gunners. And a Scyth wielding class could be to similar to a Berserker( weapon wise) even though the playstyle would differ a lot.

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We will get our answer in late 2016 or early 2017 considering that is the usual time they would announce the year's new content update.


Still with B&S missing a Physical Range Combat class I am more towards Gunner or any type of physical range combat class due to how all range combat class currently are Magic/Chi based but no physical combat based.

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On 31/3/2016 at 8:02 AM, LordLokai said:

only suggesting the gunner because its already an established class in game, Soha, the gunner school in silverfrost mountains... and the files that were data mined...and the hint. All seems to point in that direction. PERSONALLY i'd like to see a Spear Wielding class added... but i suspect we'll get a gunslinger evidence just points there. 

you missed the keywords " and has yet to appear in the game before ". that includes NPC's too, since it's impossible to be players

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I want a spearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! Using spear is within the martial arts, come on NC. I want spears ! --'


"and has yet to appear in the game" ? Could be nunchuks, double blade or or or whip. Whip will be cool too !


or or or a wizard of nature ! (That is summoner's right? never tried playing as a summoner.)


If you can give me a spear, give me a whip !


A single nunchuks would be cool, reminded me of flail in dragon nest.


or or or broadsword ! but we already have Destroyers.


Spears or Whip ! I would love that . . . It'll be really cool ~

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On 3/31/2016 at 4:46 AM, SillyKitty said:

Maybe a healer? We don't have any actual healer and it was never shown before. I think...

big hint seems to be linked to " fans have been asking for " which is why i said gunners... but if its not in game or seen? literally rules out alot of classes people have been asking for...





sword and board


all of these appear in game already... and its not a hybrid?  so question is whats been asked for thats not in the game yet... i dont know i think might be some miscommunication in the translation or something. Either way its exciting to think about =3

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Dual Wielding?... Tomahawks?... Tonfa?... Sickle, Mace? Scythe? Sais? Kamas?


Remember, its based on KRs Wants not ours, Gunners are a very Western thing really, KRs may not share a interest in seeing some form of martial arts involving that sorta weaponary, Maybe a Asian Martial Arts weapons.. a Duel Wielding Class?

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I used to play a game longggggg time ago called  DOMO (dream of mirror online) .  And they had these very interesting classes like Dancer( wielding fan), Merchant ( wielding abacus), musician ( wielding instrument) etc.  I love games with these classes because they are something that in real life I would not think of it as a weapon (like fan or instrument)  and I think they are fun and different.


 Anyway my point is that I would love the next class would be anything that really haven't  been seen a lot from other games.   ahhm.....Ter.....a......ahhm.  



Even though I would love an archer or a gunner too but fan wielding would be fun in my point and it would fit into martial art too >.> 



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