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Fix the *cricket* remaining bugs in the game before pushing out new content etc. It's ridiculous u can't do shit about simple thing that is affecting so damn many ppl, oh yeh i know ncsoft so i have to mention MONEY in this topic before some1 reads it. But seriously without sarcasm and irony it's kinda true, it can't be normal if fps drops from 100 to like 15 all sudden? It happens in arena it happens outside arena sometimes too.. and i havent rly seen any FIXING done yet in any bugs, just new trash u can spend MONEY on. So please if u wan't customers to be happy(what i see is very irrelevant to u guys atm) do something about things!

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FIX THIS FÄPÖSDOIKAJF*ÅPNGÅO*PÄDNÅP*ÄNHÅ*PHN FPS BUGG IN ARENA... 3th asfäpkamgpaägnm time i get close to diamond and råäpieqjt¨g'å+pwn'äpewåp always timing the fps buggs come on


NO WONDER THIS GAME IS FREE ITS TO MUCH BUGGS AND FPS 5 YEARS 5 YEARS 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if this going on for 1 month i give up on this game not worth this.. i sdfaäökpijngpä'ngh spent 2000 dollar on a new comp just to play this game after w8ing 5 years to it to come to eu BUt i understand completly now why this game is FREE

ncsoft wont read this anywyas so why did i even spent my time writing here PISSSING ME OFF THIS FNÖSADOPIGAP*^KDHDPA FPS BUGG



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