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Alt-Tab, 20FPS Lock (Not the arena/loading fps bug)


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This is a random chance bug, not easily replicated! Wish I could replicate it to figure more about it. Happened to me twice since the recent update though.



When alt-tabbing, there is a chance the game will lock the FPS to 20. This is different than the arena/loading FPS lock because it only occurs when you leave the game window. The arena problem may or may not be a child-bug to this issue though.


Fixes Found:

1) Reset the monitor hz. [ex. if you have 60hz, set it to 59, then back to 60.]

2) Reinstall graphic driver.

3) Multi-monitor, move game to a new monitor.


Known Conflicts:

Window 10 desktop slideshow feature for rotating background. This will occasionally move you to desktop, which increases the chance of this bug happening.


"Fixes" That Don't Work:

No other known FPS fixes will work for this!

1) The current ASUS / MOBO doesn't work.

2) Changing in-game settings won't work.

3) Changing graphic card settings won't work.

4) Restarting the game & rebooting computer won't work.



When a game minimizes it'll set the game FPS to 20 in order to save power. It seems to me that BnS doesn't recognize that you re-entered the window however. Another possibility, since I don't know how this game was built, is that a file / line of code that tells the game to enter minimize mode gets saved during tabbing out and re-entering.


The reason why the standard FPS fixes won't work is because these fixes aren't editing the game window, they're only effecting what's happening inside the window itself. This is why oddball no-sense fixes like "changing monitors" work because you're moving game window which apparently resets this FPS lock.


If anyone experiences this problem and fixed it in a different way I'd be curious to hear about it.



Windows 10


CPU: i5 2500K

GPU: 660TI




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I'm having this problem haunt me now, reinstalling drivers fixes it but not for long, at any moment when tabbing out or even launching the game again this problem comes back, and I've had no luck with refresh rate swap as I only have one option. This is extremely annoying and it doesn't seem like a huge amount of people are getting this issue

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