Is anyone satisfied here?..

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3 hours ago, Madolche said:

Are there any players on B&s that are actualy having a good time? every time i come to the forums its just non stop complaining and whining about baby things. and the occasional people who feel they need to announce it to everyone that they've uninstalled the game. I already know this thread is another complaint so feel free to give me all the flack you want. but at least im not complaining abut any in game issues. the one and only thing that bothers me right now is the lag i get when im with a large group of people, (this due to the bad optimization) other than that i give this game a 10/10.

Stopped reading there.


This game is 4/10 and that is on roids.

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I like this game over all. I just don't like the bot hacks in pvp, some super toxic players, and for the black padded jacket in the Hongmoon store to come back. The 1st two are bound to happen in any mmo. Other than that I really enjoy the game. 

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