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[Solved] Can't recieve items (Gift Box Icon)


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So, before the patch everything worked completly fine. I spin the daily dash and I recieve my rewards in the gift box window and I will pick it up, no problems.
After the patch EVERYTHING I recieve and ends there it's grayed out and I can't pick it up. Some icons don't even appear.


You can see how I got 27 items.
From the Lucky Jewels to the last page where before the last patch was applied and the Key, Hammer, Charms and the Pirate Emblem were from the daily dash.

I thought, mmmh, maybe I can't pick the objects that are from the daily dash and since I still need to grind to 50, I'll buy an exp food!
Pointless lol can't even pick items that I bought from the hongmoon store.

Then I was like, oh well maybe it's because it's full...




So yeah, anyone having this problem too and has found a fix?

----- Fixed.

I won't erase the post.

Basically that Unpack button is new and I didn't even see it. /clap

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