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Game Freezes Randomly


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Hello there. 


My setup goes like this: Intel Core i5 4440, 8GB of HyperX RAM 1600MHz, and a Zotac GTX 960 4GB (Not AMP! edition), Windows 10 Pro (All drivers updated to latest)

Thing is that doesnt matter the way I set the graphics, the result is the same: the game fully freezes and most of the times it is over 10 seconds. This happens in crowded areas as well as in closed dungeons. I've tried the "optimize for battle" toggle, i've tried setting everything to low, and smaller resolutions, and the problem does not go away. When I use the max settings recommended for my hardware, it runs over 60fps all the time, except for those random freezings. I've been looking in the forum but all i've found is people complaining about how badly optimized this game is and comparing to TERA (which I also use and never freezes on max settings) but no fix... Has anyone with this problem seen at least a way to make it lag without freezing?

This is getting really frustrating.

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