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Casual players being shunned? NCSoft help?

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So OP, what is your solution?

Nerf the dungeon? or make people carry you?


If casuals and hardcore players get treated the same, there would be no reason to be a hardcore player and BnS would likely lose that population.

There's plenty of theme park MMOs out there already, don't need to make every single MMO out there to give out free passes on gear/content.


With enrage timers on bosses, it is just not plausible to have low AP especially in new content where you may have people dying.

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5 minutes ago, IMat said:

Hey everybody, 

This is just a gentle reminder to stay on topic itself and not the one who posted it.

Thank you.

 Would recommend the topic being closed. There are already duplicate threads discussing AP requirements in dungeons and this discussion is going nowhere. :\

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Guys, getting 470 AP playing casually is very doable. I am casual player with day job, family and other stuff to do and can play 2-3 hours a day if that. Play with a plan and don't rush content just because it's new.


Besides, if you are at 400AP it means you should still farm Poh/BSH/Naryuu not Yeti dungeon. What are you trying to get there? Some uber/pro SS? Evolution weapon you have no need for a long time? I am sure it will be weeks in not months till I need stuff from there. Wasting time in a futile attempts to clear it now is counter productive. I still need time and resources to bring my accessories to proper level and that means getting gold and MOONWATER stones for upgrades and that is easily doable with farming dailies/dungs I can do easily with my gear/AP. The fact you have reached lvl 50 does not entitle you to be carried in dungs where certain level of gear is required.


For sure I was kinda sad when Naryuu came out and I was at 400. It was hard to find a group but I slowly got to 410, 420, 430 and managed to find groups and started to clear that dung daily. Got what I needed, now I have new goals. You should do the same.

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Okay. Wait. So you basically just found the problem out yourself. You are not yet ready for the dungeon since it's not even about "skills" or AP anymore because you and your clan mates could not clear the dungeon. What you should be doing is clearing the easier 45 dungeons like BSH/Naryu for your gear and soul shields to get to at least 450 AP and 40k hp. Why do you even need to go yeti at this point anyway? Never go to dungeons you know that if you go you'd just be a deadweight.

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I help Guild members out with Dungeons when they are under-geared, I don't mind carrying them because of a few reasons, but mostly because they actually listen to you, and don't get all teenage-anxiety depressive aggressive with me when I tell them to do something, or that they are doing something wrong.

Sitting in a Dungeon which normally takes 15 minutes with people who are actually geared for the Dungeon (even if it is "over-geared") is much more preferable than sitting in that exact same Dungeon for anything up to an hour failing, and failing and failing some more with people that probably don't even speak English or understand a word you're saying, or are just generally terrible players with potato computers.

Is it Elitism or is it "Gee I have to play this game for 4-5 hours everyday doing all my dailies with well geared people, I wonder how long it would take if I decide to take under-geared, terrible players instead?"
We all play the same game, some of us just don't want to spend more time than is needed to do the exact same thing we did the day before and if you're in that loophole, then you already know how much it sucks, which is why you're complaining you are no longer being carried in Dungeons and are having these terrible "wipe wipe wipe" situations.

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2 hours ago, Devinator00 said:

So today me and my guild mates were trying to do some of the end game dungeons and we saw a lot of people advertising there groups but the requirements were so hillarious that we thought maybe it was some kind of a joke. I mean 470+ attack power required ? Me and my guildies right now are barely at 400 attack power so we cant join these groups and when we queue up the regular way its just a wipe fest. Ive seriously been trying to do the Yeti dungeon all day long and havent downed him once. NCSoft can you help us out or what will you do?

Honestly.. no elitism or anything but maybe you really need better gear to do Yeti safetly?

I play BM and my DPS ain't high by default and I felt extremely useless and guilty in that dungeon because I felt that I was not contributing enough. We went though with my guildmates for the first time yesterday. Party setup wasn't optimal as we had 4 melee supported by 2x s(c)ummoners :D.  We usually "fly" though Naryu but we barely made it with Yeti. I mean BARELY with 10 sec on clock (it wiped us out once before we caught the mechanics). I was the one with the lowest AP which was 430. Rest of my party was around 450-490. Melees were pretty much f****d with constant lag and freezes so it was hard to do esp. that boss jumps a lot. But I can't imagine having not even 400 party there.. unless like 6x ranged then maybe it would work with FMs and S(c)ummmoners.

Sometimes that elitism is just common sense as no one likes to struggle with dungeon.

And yes I'm casual player too aaaand I think Yeti is fine.

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Wait... you're doing yeti with less than 400? I'm not trying to be elitist, but thats just asking for it. Ask for lots of deaths, asking for lots of res's, asking to fight boss and your weapon be useless. No hate here, just be kind to yourself and to your party...upgrade your gear as soon as possible.

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