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Leaving blade and soul and qq a bit !

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Tonight I was thinking if I should continue to play blade and soul. I've came up with conclusion that the answer is No. Why?

For a start , when friends introduced me to the game , I was sceptic but It completely blew  my mind ! Combat was great , graphics were great ( ik not for 2016 but I just liked the style of it ) ,questing and story was fun though I am not much of a story guy . I did have a bit performance issues but nothing major . It took me time to figure how to craft but I accepted it and it was all ok for me .


After that , If I am not wrong  , in february , there was a patch that ruined performance for me .Mostly stable 60 fps on  high settings went down with big drops and stutters . I know most of  the computer tweaks and my pc is clean as a baby . I did give support a chance but they seemed helpless and driving me around the circle . I still played the  game and I said  , ok it will get better . Well , it didn't .Silverstone patch was by the far worst fps killer for me . It made my game almost unplayable . Soulstone mountain , bw , terror.. completely unplayable .Enough for fps problems for now .


I wanted to transfer my character to another , more populated server when I firstly hit lvl 45 because my server was mostly dead . Found out that I can't .

Made bm and started all over . Hit yesterday lvl 49 and I was like , my god . Compared to destroyer (my main) this is completely bull . Bm is shit class for both pve and pvp unless you are some chinese superhero or a  hacker .Also destroyer is way more cool and fun to play with .

Currency exchange is basically a scam for new players .

I wont complain about bots  since I beat most of the bots but they are problem in dungeons cause people tend to leave if they see  a bot .

I dont mind grinding but it just doesn't feel rewarding as I would like to . It takes days to upgrade gear and lvl 50 content is pretty shitty if you ask me , prefered 45 one way more .

You can't mail unless you buy ncoin . You can't buy premium with hongmoon coins  . Generally ,  items in hongmoon store are not worth gold exchange .


So  game just feels now like a chore , it's not fun and its repetitive  with major flaws n bugs .

Playerbase is unhealthy and it will only continue to stay like that . Casual and working people will stay out of it because it's not noob friendly and it takes years of grind to achieve small things .

It seems like this client is ment to squeez money as long as it can without putting too much of capital into it .


Thank you for reading my wall of tears and goodbye !








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