First i only wanted to post this in another thread, but i think it's better everyone whom it may concern should see this.   In these times hacked accounts seem to get more and more of a problem. the solutions to that are a bit tedious but absolutely worth it!   This is how i've set-up my Game and corresponding E-mail and so should you:   - Have a dedicated E-Mail for BnS only. Don't use it for anything else. never!   - Have a different password for the game and the account email.   - Add two-step verification (TSV) (smartphone needed, app is freeware on Android and iOS) to the game and the account email (your email client doesn't provide a TSV option? change to one. or for example)   - Write down both the recovery codes of the TSV from NCSoft and your e-mail client! if you lose your phone, this is the only way to have it working again on your new phone!   Attention: The recovery code from NCSoft is only displayed one single time the moment you add the TSV! if you missed it, your only option is to remove the TSV and add it again. you'll get a new code in the process.   - Also make sure to have all security options enabled and filled out for the email (second email for important messages, also put in your mobile phone number). Outlook and Gmail asks for this when you create a new account, you can't miss it. otherwise it's listed under security options. This makes it f.e. easier to unlock your account if someone attempted to log in to your account too many times (failed hacking attempts). usually the account gets locked and you will be notified through your second e-mail and a SMS with details to unlock it fast and easy.   - Fill out your personal details on the e-mail account, so you can verify yourself anytime with your own ID that you're the real owner of the e-mail account. this is super important! if you ever forget your password AND also don't have access to your TSV device AND the TSV recovery codes, the e-mail address will be forever lost. Google for example has no mercy in this case.   - Use a Prepaid Credit Card for recurring membership. most people use paypal using direct debt charge = fail. with a prepaid CC you can't ever be charged for things you didn't permit. for german users i can recommend mpass. it's the only one i've found which is absolutely free in every detail you can imagine.   Last but not least, don't forget anything. You should however write down everything (readable!) on a piece of paper, put in a ziplock-bag and open your computer-case and just shove it in there somewhere (on the ground, between the ODDs or whatever). i guarantee you that you wont lose it there ;) you can move houses, you can sell furniture. but you're a gamer. you always have your PC next to you.   of course i cannot say this list is complete. if there's anything useful to add, i'm listening!