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[Petition] for Grand Harvest Square Event Changes

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I found a few scattered threads about this event, but I felt that making more of a petition would bring more attention to how badly this area is working at the moment.

So if you also would like the following please comment to agree or up-vote etc...


1. Increase the number of channels the event spawns in.


2. Increase the number of times the event spawns a day.


3. Decrease the amount of damage needed to get credit. 



The reason I would like these changes is.


1. People shouldn't need to AFK for 30+ mins to make sure I get into a channel just to complete a daily quest. If I only had an hour a day to play that's half my time gone standing around waiting.


2. Same as point one, and there's nothing more ridiculous than having to wait 3h to try again if you DC/Crash/Dont Do enough damage to get credit < very likely at least 1 of these will happen.

Also some people cant play the times these events are currently on.


3. My newly dinged level 50 friends aren't getting credit for anything (not this event, not faction dailies). If this continues you know what they're going to do instead of gearing up... Yes you guessed it, quit. They turned up, did all the dps they could in the lagfest and get rewarded with a big fat nothing for 30+ mins of waiting and the time for the event itself. 
Endgame dailies should not = Blackwyrm level of difficulty.




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I agree with all the points.


I also believe that the 3 minibosses that spawn should be given a 1minute inbetween gap so everyone can focus on one boss. You need all 3 for the daily, due to the fact that people tend to start killing all the bosses at once ends up ruining the fact that you cannot get all 3 for the daily.. so the daily becomes incomplete. 


I'd also say reduce the amount of players in an instance. It is way too laggy and my FPS drops from 60 to 7 in a matter or seconds when everyone is fighting the minibosses. It isn't so bad on the boss as most people are dead by that point.



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1. Yes. Actually, make it ALL channels. 

2. I actually dont have a problem with the quantity or the times this event is on, so .. no.

3. Kind of yes. Or well, definitely yes, but my attempt would be: let only 20 people participate in the event to make it a bit LESS LAGGY and at the same time fix the reward (doing damage) problem. Works well if you consider my solution for 1).


But yeah.. generally i agree. It's stupid that people literally have to wait 30 minutes for this event. We are talking about actual waiting time without doing something useful. And that's by design lol. And what do we get for waiting half an hour? An event where the fps can go as low as 10 even if you have 35 at blackwyrm and so many players that the bosses die in like 5 seconds which makes it hard to deal the apropriate amount of damage to them. Also i strongly believe that the event is also bugged. I cant imagine that my blade master (bursty class too) with true pirate and so on didnt do 1% damage on either of the 3 mini bosses, while i easily got loot on the last boss. 


The event as a whole is a real lagfest that is rewarding people for afking in town for half an hour and then doesnt even work properly in its current state. Kinda sad, i was actually really happy about such an event - until i took part in it.



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