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Opitimize/Low-end PC Mode is UTTERSHIT!


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So apparently this game is complete shit when it come to Optimize/Low-end PC mode. IT DOESN'T HELP 4 *cricket* SAKE!

Turning off other player invisible doesn't do shit either. WTF is going on? It's like turning player off and having full setting mean the same shit to this fking game.

Turning all the setting to 1 doesn't do shit either.

I have GTX 970, so don't start bitching about how I had low-end PC. Because I play Tera Online with 120 people in 1 area just fine without any lag problem, so I can assure you that it's this stupid game that had some shit going on that won't help make gaming experience any better.


Anyone else experience the unplayable lag/delay at Soulstone Plain?

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Maybe its gettin better if they release the next/Last updates, but I wouldnt hope to much ...

I mean come on ... they said the Addon will come in the next few weeks, and suddenly it came out 2 day later ...

It seems that, they wanna ruin this game with max speed. they cant handle the bots, Hacks, they get Blamed (for a good reasons),

more and more Player leaving the game, and alot are gone already.

They arent able to push/fix performance/lag/dc/crash issuse.

They just pump in more stuff to buy for real cash every day.

It really seems, they just wanna make fast money, taking the maximum they can get from us, and then "Game Over"

Its like the story around Tabula Rasa from lord britsh (Nsoft was publisher like here) ... just look for the wiki around Richard Gariots Tabula Rasa (NCSoft had to pay him 29millions) cause I might get banned/locked for another 24h from the Forum cause just tellin the truth ...


The Fun Fact is, that I was already playing this game WITHOUT any dc errors, or crashes and in 15 vs 15 or more in  Mistywood zergplay 1,5 years ago in "PlayBnS" the Russian Blade and Soul Server with english Client Patch. But WE NEVER had any Bots/Hacks there, so my thoughts are that the endloss logins and hacks sharing/transfering so much more infos then 100 usual gamers, so then neither the Servers nor the player clients and network connections can handle this amount of Data Transfer, so that we got lags/crashses/delay and more. But its all purley hypothetical cause NCSoft dont share any information with us even not, to calm us down a bit.

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