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Looking for a guide/small explanation

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So guys this is probably the 1000th ull see a post like this.


So im currently level 47. been leveling with only the story quests, i was wondering if its enough to get to lvl 50?

Another thing is about items. if theres like a post or w/e that tells me exactly where to get the items i need to progress in the game with no problems. i know the game is very grindy and time consuming but knowing this info will help me save some time.


if anyone doesnt mind making a small guide/explanation of what to do when i hit lvl 50. FIY i was a fresh level 45 so no siren/pirate or bracelets/belts, only a profane weapon thats it.

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As far as I know,you need to finish at least main story quests (yellow quests) and side quests (blue quests) to reach max through quests only.


For soulshields,I normally get the blue soulshields from wheels of fortune near some field bosses like golden deva or stalker jiangshi and soulshields of purple dungeons.


When you reach 45,you start with profane jiangshi soulshield then you can get the moonwater soulshield from the moonwater stones merchant in hogshead then try to get a blue bloodshade harbor soulshield from 24 man Nightshade harbor or just go directly for purple bloodshade harbor soulshield if you can do bloodshade harbor purple dungeon with profane soulshields..You can also get the soulshield from faction merchant in misty woods which uses misty woods faction insignias you can farm from the 2 opposite faction bosses that spawn there..Idk if people still farm misty woods though.You can also do mushin's tower and use mushin's soulshield which is also nice at 45.

Anyway,best soulshield at 45 is Naryu lab soulshield so if you can go for that,I think that will surely be good till you reach 50..However,in 45,people used to go for a mix of bloodshade,mushin and naryu lab pieces on their soulshield to get max crit.


For weapon,you have 2 paths to upgrade weapon since latest patch and both lead to same upgrade at some point..One of them is the normal path where you turn true profane to awakened siren then to true siren then to awakened pirate then to true pirate and I am not sure yet what comes after since I haven't played much since latest patch.

Second path is from true profane to oathbreaker and as far as I heard,oath breaker costs more because it uses silverfrost transformation stones but you never know.

I heard both lead to breeze weapon in the end.


For bracelet and belt,as far as I know,you need to get purple siren belt (main upgradeable belt like hongmoon stuff) and you can get that from blackram supply chain 6 man or 4 man or using siren emblem that you can farm from efleet 24 man.

You need to get purple pirate bracelet (main upgradeable bracelet like hongmoon stuff) and you can get that from Bloodshade harbor 6 man or 4 man or using pirate emblems that you can farm from Nightshade harbor 24 man (they are far more limited per day than siren emblems though so if you really wanna get your  bracelet fast,I'd recommend just going for 6 man bloodshade harbor)

Some people used to farm Windshock bracelet from Naryu lab as they had abit more stats than pirate bracelet stage 10 but windshock bracele can not be upgraded and its roll is RNG so you can get stat you don't need alot.

However,you couldn't upgrade pirate bracelet till latest patch because,silverfrost mountain transformation stones and moonstones were not out yet but now I guess you can upgrade it since these stuff seem to be already out since last patch so i would just go directly for a purple pirate bracelet now and not bother with a good windshock bracelet.


Also don't forget socketing,it plays a great role in your build.


I can't help you with level 50 content since I have not experienced much of it yet.







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1 hour ago, NunoGralha said:

What do i need to unlock further dungeons?, only one i seem to be able to do is Blackram supply chain. and the siren belt seems to be a bad % to drop. how often does it drop?

You need to do blackram supply chain side quest (I guess its name was Poharan invitation or breaking the chain) which asks you to finish whole blackram supply chain 6 man or 4 man including all of its bosses for first time to unlock bloodshade harbor 6 man and 4 man.

There is a quest letter you should automatically get at level 45 if not less from a shadowless NPC that unlocks Naryu lab.


I think the siren belt was a drop from poharan on 6 man and 4 man blackram supply chain..I am not sure if efleet 24 man Poh dropped it but the efleet merchant sells purple siren belt for 20 siren emblems as far as I remember..Siren emblems can be farmed from 24 man efleet or you can buy them from HM store atm.

I don't think siren belt has that bad RNG in 6 man and 4 man..I think in each 5 runs you do,at least 1 run will drop it according to my experience but may be I was just lucky on that.


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