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Seen a lot of shit coming from hostile players but honestly? I'm having fun this update. 

Story line was fun, some juicy content and some twists in the story line I wasn't expecting. We learned who Gubong was and we learned more about Jinsoyun's childhood. My favorite was chapters 6-7 where we stopped a cockfight, an imposter trips in front of you, potdogs being dumb and little ol' granny going ghetto on you.

Questing. If you did just the mainline quests you got to 49 and then some. That's better than grinding out 46-50 on mobs or dailies till you hit cap. What they did was nicer than it could've been IMO. I like how it got us pretty close and I don't mind a bit of a grind for myself.

Dungeons. I like the new dungeons, fresh, cool, faster pace but more difficult. Not lengthly like labby, BSH and blackram. Less running. I like the mechanics and how much more you're reliant on your team. I also like how they made the 4 man rewards apply to 6man labby,BSH and chain.

24-man dungeons. Buggy, it needs some work but i'm not going to grab my pitchfork and torch simply cause it's not my job. It's one of those things you would say "If you know how something is done, you can complain otherwise sit down and shut up" kind of situations. Everyone is so quick to judge and compare one game to another but in the end it does nothing but make you look like a fool. If you know how to program and code, why don't you solve it for them and make all of our lives happier. Instead you sit there and complain, like a troll, like a neckbeard.

Scenery of new areas: I love em, a breathe of fresh mountain air. Love the amethyst trees you see in the snowy mountains too. Though I wouldn't want to live out there. 

Voice acting: There's some changes, some good and some bad. Biggest gripe was Soha's voice. Other than that not much to say on it.

TLDR: I like the update. It can be stressful to try and put out content but I appricate all of your efforts.

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I also agree that BnS team did great job with the update. The game is still new so of course there will be problems and it takes time to fix. It's not like you can fix problems like that overnight if the problems are in the coding and fixing it with command might change everything else too vastly.


I understand some people get frustrated with all the errors and crashes with the game but these are far not the worst types I have seen. There are out there MMOs where game crashes were part of the game. After certain amount of time the game crashed and nothing else than relogging before major dungeons solved it. It never got fixed and they also had major issue with hackers and bug/hack abusers and they couldn't do anything to them. Everyone just got used to it and had fun as much as they could.


Thank you guys for giving us chance to play such awesome game with some awesome people in it! :)

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I'm glad you're enjoying it, however I think the negative feedback was justified. From a game design perspective, this was a very disappointing update. It also makes me sad to see how much positive feedback they are getting for the granny character, who is very unsophisticated and immature. If that's the kind of audience they are pandering to, I don't want to see what this game turns into.

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Im afraid the game isnt new at all.  Ok, new to NA sure, but what it seems like they are doing is taking old patches from kr, translating and making changes to story and sidequests, and pushing them out.  Case and point is the warlock/FM mob reset bug.  If you google it you can find posts back to when warlock was released on other regions having the same bugs we have. 

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