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Alt clan help needed

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Well since dual boxing is not allowed and pretty much anything related to it is impossible, i need some help.


I made a clan and i want to invite my alts in to it. I'll try to level it on my own and do my own thing before i even try inviting or just leave it as a clan just for my alts. not sure what exactly will happen. xD

Problem is, i need someone else to help me invite my other characters. I don't see any problem in it and i doubt its against the rules (If it is, appreciate it if someone from the staff can clear it out for me)


Pretty much, if you are on Windrest and you are without a clan or you have an alt without a clan, doesn't matter what level you are. I'll invite you give you the rights to invite and all you will have to do is invite a few characters i got . 

Not sure if it matters but the clan is in Cerulean Order. 



Faction chat didn't work :( They all are lovely people, i bet !


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