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Bots are approved by NCSOFT?


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Dear Sirs,


With the experience that I have in other MMOs, the simplest solution to avoid the number of bots in the game is include a CAPTCHA that every 30 minutes request confirmation of the players or you will disconnect it , it will be less inconvenient than letting the BOTS control the market making the game increasingly Pay2Win.


I consider the Blade & Soul one of the best games and for that reason I am presenting this constructive criticism to this respectful team called NCSOFT.




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NCsoft doesn't give a *cricket* to bots or their customers.

Don't expect any action of them regarding bots cus in all of their games

they don't give a *cricket*...


The only solution is not play any of theirs games.
(pay2Win) is their goal, doesn't matter which game is.


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