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Just add a Complaints/Rants section already

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Well lets see


1. Keeps the forums tidy especially in general section

2. People have the right to complain without the topic begin suddenly deleted or locked

3. You can get a proper measure on how the player base feels

4. You can easily see what needs attention more than others

5. It's constructive in that they get a place to rant/complain/Suggest

6. People will get less salty due to moaning etc being stuck in one place and not in every section

7. New potential players will usually come to the general section to get an idea on how the game is - Keeping all complaints etc out of the general section means

potential new players won't be turned off

8. Lastly I get somewhere and I'm sure others have a place to quickly check how the latest updates, changes are doing to decide on whether we want to return to

the game or not


You should have had this in the first place - Negative feedback is a requirement that helps you deal with things which will bring you more paying customers


I know your only aim is to make money but you really need to start employing people that can deal with the clients and make them want to pay you money

all your doing at the moment is losing a lot of money by not addressing these issues

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would you know if were allowed to change our forum avitars yet since they changed the default one lol & i agree there should be a section for people to voice their collective disdains lol

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I'm pretty sure most people who actually had a complaint wouldn't want to put it in a forum subsection that essentially equates to "Ignore this forum to not have to listen to players gripe about the game"


and the people who did would complain the moderators/people in power to change the game state wouldn't see it.


"Feedback" Has a better connotation and sounds less like you're trying to toss all the guff into a black hole so you can ignore it. 

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