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Advice Please on WL with Legendary Ping


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I recently stumbled onto Blade and Soul looking for a new game to try out.  The leveling event pulled me in to try it out after reading multiple places that it was possible to level in about 30 hours.


I tried different classes over a period of a week and settled on Warlock.  This left me two weeks to make the push to level 45.  I started the character and started the push.  In the loading times (explanation coming about this) I read as much as possible.  After about 200 hours of constantly playing I fell short by half a level.  Shrug - no big deal I like the game.  And considering my handicap I did IMHO exceptional.


Here is the problem/question.  I have managed to fuddle my way through it all to level 44 and hit the story end sending me to East supply and Mushin tower et all.  I find that I die very well there.  Combos are not an option.  My ping is, as stated in the title, Legendary to even try to play a MMO - it bounces but is at 640 - 725 with a jitter of 25.  This varies from day to day, actually hour to hour.   This is the joy of a satellite connection to the Internet.


My equipment is on track for my level and I built it up as allowed.  My soul shield needs replacing I have discovered from even more forums.  Need to back track to fix that no big worries there.  And I am working out a build that will function under my handicap while referencing various builds from multiple articles.  I need any advice anyone is willing to give out on just how to even stay alive in East Supply so I can begin to get better soul shields etc.

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