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Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

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I want refund for my stamps, it wasn't clear at all what you can send and what you can't. Also I think that the HM store costumes should be account bound, and we should be able to access them with all characters from the wardrobe/send via mail. Also you should include all race/gender locked costumes. I've being in 10+ parties, where male or lyn character gets a Temptress/Seductress  ticket, and this renders it useless.

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All costumes should be tradeable by default. All of them. It's the player who spends the time to grind them. I don't like the stamp system because it's a shameless cash grab. Though at least they are

Thanks guys, I'm glad to hear that you have an open mind about where the stamp threshold is. The game does need a system like this, and these are steps in the right direction, imo.   That sa

Regium Corvus should be allowed to move.    Really you could only earn that one time and it was so limited to one character...  If you earned it, you should earn if for your account.    

Still don't understand why it is 3 for an accessory, 6 for an outfit. 


We should be given a list of what we can transfer or not.

Why not make it 1, and 2 you need for each item and just increase the price? It'd make much more sense that way. Add it to the item description on the shop.


Just allow all costumes to be transfered between accounts. In-game obtained or not. We put our hours into getting it, so we should be able to move it - definitely if we are PAYING for these. Or heck, make another ticket for in-game items to be transferable but have it for ALL items and make it a NcSoft store exclusive so it isn't in the hongmoon shop and people will have to definitely pay you real money to transfer items.  I'd be down for that. Have multiple purple shields, etc. I'd like to transfer too.

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At first I was like "well at least it's one way to transfer outfits, even tho it's a rip off", then I was like "okay so you need 6 not 1 ticket, great, greedy af, but w/e", then I got the 6 shitty tickets and I still can't transfer a single measly outfit I own with it, being cash shop or not. To the side the fact that instead of cash shop costumes being account bound, and the fact that you can't transfer anyshit to your other characters without mailing it, if you're after our money, at least have the bloody courtesy to make it work for everything. Don't throw out a broken product that you ppl will buy out of desperation cause you provide us with no other way to sharing costumes between characters. At least make it work, be as greedy as you wish, over the years I've learned not to expect anything else from ncsoft, but at least have the decency for your cash cow product to do what it is supposed to do.

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1 hour ago, TaeHwaRang said:

Any update or comment from NC allownance sending outfit yet?

If you want the newest game information you will have to watch their so called twitter, they won't say anything on here unless someone point it out and question them.

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The only explanation I can think of for the 6 and 3 tickets thing is a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the transfer's real price. So they're 19 points each, that's next to nothing, right? Except it takes several of them and the transfer is a one-time deal. It isn't cheap, not at all.


There's no reason it should be like this except greed and Koreans' blatant disrespect for their western customers.

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  1. Blade & Soul Support
  3.  Game Support
  5.  General Information

Outfit Delivery Stamps: Valid Outfits Pieces


Here is the current list* of costume pieces that can be transferred via "Outfit Delivery Stamps", as of Mar. 23rd, 2016.


We are aware of some issues where some of these pieces aren't able to be mailed. If you run into this, please submit a "Gameplay Issue" ticket. 



  • Fight Fire with Fire
  • Merry Weather
  • Yellow Dahlia
  • Ivory Bird
  • Luciole
  • Baby Blue Bear
  • Pinky Bear
  • Secret Agent
  • Heavenly
  • Rising Sun
  • Blue Porcelain
  • Pioneer
  • Wish
  • First Step
  • Holly Jolly
  • White Rosetta
  • White Rosette
  • Scarlet Shade
  • Winter Flower
  • Silver Dragon
  • Soulmate
  • White Dragon
  • Dark Angel
  • My Angel
  • Triumph
  • Butterfly
  • Ivory Bat
  • Grand Cloud
  • Red Queen
  • Back to School
  • Colorful Autumn Leaves
  • Scarlet Bird
  • Pure White
  • Lover Boy
  • Showgirl
  • Crimson Tide
  • White Sandraider
  • Demon Maw
  • The Great General
  • Dreamcutter
  • White Hot
  • Devotion
  • Traveler


  • Bunny Ears (Female)
  • Latest Trend
  • Sheep Headgear
  • Eternal Beauty
  • Foxy
  • Snowfield Sunglasses
  • Baby Blue Bear Mask
  • Pinky Bear Mask
  • Bunny Ears (Male)
  • Fan Head Adornment
  • Rose Clip
  • Custom Gangplank
  • Unique
  • Lover Boy Sunglasses
  • Classy
  • Great General's Crest
  • Empress' New Crown
  • The Empress' New Clothes
  • Bow Before Me

Cat Costumes:

  • Warrior Cat
  • Ploggle Cat
  • Duckcat
  • Eboncat
  • Chickitty

Cat Headgear:

  • Warrior Cat Headgear
  • Ploggle Cat Hat
  • Duckcat Headgear
  • I Can Haz Headgear
  • Eboncat Headgear

Cat Adornments:

  • I Can Haz Tail
  • Eboncat Adornment


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Well just tested something, on two characters who have a Mentioned costume that can be transferred with a stamp.  I don't need a stamp to do it. The costumes I want to transfer, can't. Basically at this moment in time, Stamps are a waste of time. 

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Unsure as to why the Lover Boy Bow Tie cannot be transferred... In fact, it cannot be stored in the Wardrobe at all. Considering it's a bundled item I would hope it could be transferred.


Also: I paid NCoin for the Black Padded Coat (by buying boxes). Are there any plans on making that account bound?

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Was excited to hear of the outfit stamps, as my lyn summoner had 2 twins costumes I wanted to send to my Lyn and Gon.. course I get the stamps and yeah.. nope nope nope can't do that .. I get that you will allow the CS items to be transferred but why not let in game items like the temptress and seductress (blue rarity) be transferable? Kinda feel ripped off as buying the stamps that now are a bit of a waste of my nccoin. I even thought "well hell I will just send the stamps to my Gon and transfer my pioneer outfit over"
Well... why are the damn stamps bound to character and not account? Seriously... who thinks of these settings ?
One could say this turned from excitement to pure frustration over the whole thing now and seems not alone about it.
I seriously doubt you would lose any business if blue and above rarity outfits could be moved around and stamps account bound.

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"Just allow all costumes to be transferred between accounts."


Really shouldn't be that hard to just... make that possible. But greed is too strong with big companies I guess.



Also not allowing certain event outfits to be tradeable makes no sense. You still HAVE the outfit on your account. It obviously still retains its rarity. Where is the logic in thinking it wouldn't retain its rarity? You're not duplicating the outfit... If I don't want to wear it on a specific character then I should be able to move it to a character that I want to wear it.


Common sense, please.

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Add the race specific outfits to this list.


I'm an so frustrated and upset I can't trade my temptress outfit from Lyn > Jin.

What kind of half-baked, misguided process is this? It's practically useless!!!

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I have the Regium Corvus and its accessory issue too. I didn't expect it to not be mail-able even after buying 6 tickets. Boy am I one pissed customer right now. Not only do I now have a costume + accessory set that I can't get anywhere else on an old character I want to delete, now I also have 6 stamps that are useless and can't be sent to my main. Great... I'm going to hold off on charging more NCoin until they fix this. I hope people follow suit too since even those who haven't charged NCoin yet will already be charging it if they want to buy Stamps (buying a stamp already counts as charging and activates your mail features).

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Jumping on board to say that I would also love the ability to transfer race-locked outfits to other characters on my account.

As it is now they're just taking up space in my inventory, but I'd rather get the chance to actually enjoy them.

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This is retarded. I have enough coins to buy 5 stamps but for a costume you need 6. FFS. Stupid, idiotic idea. I might as well just delete my char along with the costume.




So I bought the last stamp with currency exchange just to get slapped in the face, because apparently you can't mail Temptation outfit. Thanks. You can't have my wallet.

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