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What do I do with "Essence of Plog"?

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Yes I can read the item description, it says use on the "tricolour pillar".


I can find 1x red pillar, 1x blue pillar and 1x green pillar, but no tricolour pillar, and none of those I have found I am able to interact with.


So what do I do with this? Is it just something I should trash and move on?

I tried asking in faction chat and got the usual L2Read retard response, and google also seems to know nothing.

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On 3/24/2016 at 6:24 PM, Rugba said:

They are indeed used for the 3 pillars, you need 30 essences for each pillar to spawn the giant frog.


Would have been useful if the game actually told you that XD Thankyou :)

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The problem with Plog Sanctum is the fact that everything is only lit for 5 minutes. It woudln't be so bad if they had it lit for 15/30minutes so people can get to the other bosses and kill them.

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