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6th weapon slot (Breeze Weapon)

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Yes its true, all weapon with the new path higher than True Profane will have 6 gem socket.


Old Path: True Profane > Awakened Siren


New Path: True Profane > Awakened Devil (all gem sockets get reset, you now have 6 socket with only 2 unlock, you must remove gem before you can upgrade to this stage)


In TW and JP they actually have 3 tier replacing the 2 Siren tier: True Profane > Devil > Awakened Devil > True Devil


IIRC Jonathan mentioned we're moving Awakened Siren to Awakened Devil thus skipping the Devil part, but I'll believe that when patch goes live.


Therefore, you should not unlock gem sockets for alts with True Profane or lower once the patch goes live.

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4 minutes ago, Fysik said:

We'll get gems with + attack power so you'll want one of every color regardless.

any info on how we we will be able to get them? ATM the only way is to buy them from Faction NPC for ridiculous amount of BW stones or via BW chest.

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hmm no clue how NA is gonna do it, TW gave most of it out through events and rng box.  Here's my BM's weapon on TW with the gems for a closer look.





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Just now, Tenneth said:

Will the slots jsut unlock upon upgrading or will i need to use gem hammers?

You will need to use gem hammer, you get 2 free unlock initially and another 1 free once you upgraded to I believe its True Devil so the remaining 3 you need to use gem hammer.


Its been so long I don't remember how much it cost per socket, I wanna say its more than 3 per socket.

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