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You had one job, NC.


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16 minutes ago, Magdaelena said:

. I didn't once leave my seat.  sorry mate...i wont belive in that  :)

and its ONLY 6 hours...Like I said...Try  L2Classic and then complain.

And again "like I said" life sucks sometimes even in games  Maby next time you will get lucky.


In diferent topic...

I dont get it why ppl now have this  need of "geting everything fast...faster...gogogo"

When there was server opening and someone buy 3 days headstart and he wanna be quick fast and all just to be one of first on the finish line...That I can understand.

But now???...theres no need of that cos if someone dont have good guild party / isint maxed out and dont have ton of gold and another ton of naryu silver then he wont be anything near of geting first on finish.

Now is best time to stop the "Rat Race" and start to enjoy the game.


Actually yeah, I didn't leave my seat, it was 12 AM at night and I was ready, planning to call it a night at 3am.  So yeah.  And btw, when something is rigged, it's not so much rng anymore. As I said before, I still didn't get it so I am putting more than 6 hours.  Also, considering that there is the level 45 dead line yeah people want to rush.  Other than that, it is true, and then they cry there is no content which is stupid but some people are obsessed with finishing goals, and that's natural ( though not very good).

I play mabinogi which gives penalties for basically everything and it is rng based with boxes, item rewards, drops and shop items, it's a pain but it's fair.  But just because you are willing to waste your life in order to enjoy a game, dosen't mean others do. Remember some people work and they play games in means to relax and have fun. If you can't progress the game, it no longer is.

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You  are not the only one of those who work :)

And you do the same thing as ppl who cry there is no content which is stupid  cos they hit the end of content wall so they cant progres further.


But just because you are willing to waste your life in order to enjoy a game, dosen't mean others do. Remember some people work and they play games in means to relax and have fun.

Oh yeh right so enjoying game is waste of time and "gogogo" means relax and fun....Ok I wont argue with that :D

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3 hours ago, Dray0s said:

I've always wondered if these posts are over-exaggerated, never had to farm a weapon 90 times over..

Same. Getting the razors on my warlock would average around 5~7 runs. I probably averaged around 20 runs for my BD's lynblades. My shortest ever run was my WL's razor from Darkglimpse on first run. Longest was my BD's blight lynblade which took ~10 hours (as it was my first character, I never bothered to doubt RNG then by counting my runs).

For cosmetics, my BD got Spider Fang on the first Spider Matriarch I solo'd (while my party didn't even bother with it and flew straight for the portal >.>) Didn't even know how rare it was; I only thought how it looked ugly on my lyn and wished for Fragment Pouches instead. LOL

On the other hand, my only worst RNG experience was about 80 Shadowstrike runs for Obsidian Serpent on my WL. But even then I couldn't complain since RNG had been too kind on my WL when it came to weapons, where the opposite was true for my BD.

So my overall experience with RNG is basically as random as it should be and I see no change is necessary.

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5 hours ago, XIAO said:

Oh boy an RNG thread


How about that hay quest where you can spawn a drunk, a pig, or the quest objective, which takes three hours to complete because lolrng!



Gosh I *cricket*ing hate that quest - on my alt, I was like "Okay, got 5 of them in 10 mins, not as bad as it was on my main", then *puff* an hour and a half later: completed (-.-)

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well I guess you're just unlucky then, i think the RNG is fine tho, if everyone would have it u wouldn't even want it anymore cause eeeeeeverybody got it already durning the runs they did for quests or w/e, then there wouldnt even be need to grind stuff anymore you'll probbably just be lucky and get it while doing other stuff u need to do anyways whats the fun in that.


I'd say they should just add some tokens that drop and add a vendor so u can just buy it after a certain amount of runs if u werent lucky enough cause u got the tokens, but then again, its fine imo, but if they're going to change something this would be good.

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On 3/23/2016 at 1:47 AM, xArinx said:

You forgot the fact that JP BnS charged us a hefty 3000yen per month here just to play, it's free now, cos it's almost dead. But there was a reason why things were easier, we payed triple the NA prem rate. I would say that's fair, specially considering it also has the cash shop to rip moar moniz.

It is free to play in Nippon.... used to be pay to play but that has changed long ago.... 

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