With the launch of Silverfrost Mountains on March 23, one of the changes made to the game is the weapon progression system. Depending on what stage you are at with your weapon, come Silverfrost Mountains, you will have two options on how you want your weapon to progress.     Current:
>> True Profane -> Awakened Siren -> True Siren -> Awakened Pirate -> True Pirate >>   New:
>> True Profane ->Awakened Siren -OR- Oathbreaker >>
If you have already started on or choose the Siren weapon path, your new progression will look like this:
>>Awakened Siren -> True Siren -> True Oathbreaker -OR- Awakened Pirate >>   Once you choose the Oathbreaker path, your new progression will look like this:
>> Oathbreaker -> Awakened Oathbreaker -> True Oathbreaker -> Awakened Breeze -> True Breeze >>   If you have already started on the Pirate weapon path or end up on this path, your progression will continue like this:
>>Awakened Pirate -> True Pirate -> True Breeze >>   If you are still using the True Profane weapon by the time Silverfrost Mountain launches, you should be able to start the new content without any issues and your weapon will progress as it normally would as you play through the game.   The new Silverfrost Mountains weapon progression is comparable to that currently found in Moonwater Plains and True Breeze is where the paths finally merge and the final weapon you can currently obtain is Awakened Scorpio. The upgrade materials, material acquisition, and economy surrounding the new progression will be different in Silverfrost Mountains, and designed to work together as a whole. To note, accessory progression remains unchanged.   We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the progression system. You may also find many answers when Silverfrost Mountains launches on March 23, 2016.