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Performance issues on a rig that shouldn't have them?


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I'm not the most tech-savvy so bear with me for the lack of information on hardware specifics, mostly copying from system information. 


Basically, I have an ASUS Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s), running on win10 Home Edition. 


Most games play perfectly smooth on this rig, with minimal lag or fps issues and hiccups - examples include Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros, Thief, Alice: Madness Returns, and other high-production titles. I only ever got performance issues on games with severely high requirements, like Dragon Age Inquisition or Witcher 3, but otherwise it runs like a dream for a good amount of modern games, and plays FFXIV perfectly smooth even on highest graphic settings and all special effects rendering.


I don't know how much that information helps, but as I said, not super tech-savvy so giving the best examples I have. 


Anyway, to the question: My rig plays BnS like utter crap. That makes no sense to me at all - I expected some latency due to having Crapcast service, but the game itself feels almost unplayable in some areas and even in the areas where it performs better (such as open world), I'll get really odd animation bugs, and cutscenes play like slo-mo movies at times. 


Examples of my issues include:

  • Far-distance rendering of animations is crap. I'll get the "pose by pose" version of the animation, the blocking out of it rather than the full, smooth animation. 
  • Cutscenes will slow down severely when a lot of animations are going on (any cutscene with Jinsoyun is a nightmare), sometimes even freezing for long moments before continuing to play. They also sometimes will go out of sync. 
  • Skills lag severely, button presses on both mouse and keyboard sometimes won't register - especially in dungeons, where coincidentally the lag skyrockets. This makes performing combos almost impossible sometimes, which is especially bad on assassin given how combo-based it is. 
  • Areas take a while to fully load in, I'll have tons of "tears" where there'll be no surrounding ground or building and just the open skybox. 


Those are just the ones I remember primarily that always are noticeable for me. I'm sure there are other issues I'm forgetting, but regardless, that's a taste of what my typical play experience is like. Dungeons are nearly impossible for me to contribute in due to how much everything slows down - sometimes to the point I can't even see AoE indicators before I get my butt handed to me by them. 


My question is: is this normal at all? My rig feels like it shouldn't be experiencing these sorts of issues - I even got this specifically for this game, and it played the RU server relatively well when I tried that a while ago before NA's version released. But perhaps I'm missing something, or something's going on in the background that's affecting my gameplay. I honestly don't even know anymore, and it's frustrating - especially after seeing how smoothly the game looked to be running in the new Silverfrost trailer. It made me go ";_;" at how badly my own game seems to perform.


So I guess I'm looking for advice or knowledge, anything that could either help me get this game playing how I feel it should, or at least something to shed light on why BnS performs so badly on my rig when I'll hardly ever get drops in something as heavy as Ground Zero. If any more information is needed, feel free to let me know how to obtain it and I'll try my best! 

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