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Cardinal gates server bots gone

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I play in Cardinal gates server and I haven't seen a single bot in a like three-four days. Not even one afk bot in arena,  just few gold spammers in faction chat,  and thats all, I haven't received a single friend request from a bot. Dungeons well as much I was there, there weren't a single bot too, not even one leecher. So our server got blessed or NCsoft done something ^^

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Your server got blessed, i can confirm ncsoft has done nothing about bots. Went to xserve dungeons, left at least 4 parties because it had 1-3 bots in them. All dailys in arena (on 3 different characters) were against bots or with afk ones in tag. Gold spammers wont ever leave, and i did see a bunch of bots running behind terrors just a couple hours ago.

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cardinal gates is one of the servers with the lowest population so we (i include myself cause im on CD too) will be playing with actuall ppl in OW, bots are asy to manage in servers like ours so they prefer top 3 most of the times

. now u talk about arena but that was just luck cause arena is cross-server if im not wrong

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I play in Wild Springs and I also rarely see bots, gold spammers are minimal. It's a bit funny, because people picked servers who have high population, but don't want to go to other servers. First they suffered from high queues, now they got botting problems. Guess sometimes it is not the best idea to follow the crowd :)

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I have to say, I am extremely suprised about how many have issues with bots.

I have leveled 7 characters to 45, the 8th is coming up over the next few days.


Bots leveling I have only seen on the last two character.

Bots for faction daily, seen three lvl 44 crims trying... on ch1 on windrest, which is a pure ceru channel.


Only a single gold seller has whispered one of my chars, my destroyer, whom I renamed yesterday.

Never seen a bot on dungeon finder.

There were a few cases on tag with random people standing afk. They had cash/farming costumes, so I assumed that they were player that have disconnected.


There was only a single obvious bot in silver when i decided to rank up my BD.


Never received a bot friend request o.o

I really do not get it.


Maybe it is because most of my character, except for the Jin, have a space in their name and the other two got an `which my destr did as well before renaming her.

Not saying the issues do not exist, I am just suprised that I seem to dodge them almost permanently.

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