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How is KFM after lvl 50 patch?

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Mainly concerned with pvp but wouldn't mind insights on pve as well i.e. how good is kfm at soloing contents similar to mushin tower.



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You just need to ani-cancel the *cricket* out of eveerything you encounter 

on a serious note KFM in KR is pretty solid right now -> PvP speaking
i dont have any info regarding the PvE might be not so different of what it is now

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We already have all but the most recent balance change set, and when we get Silverfrost, we will have that patch as well. In terms of PvP, KFMs are OP in Korea and are OP here. HUGE number of KFMs everywhere now.


The ones who are likely to fall off are Summoners.

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Once we get to the patch KR has now with the new mushin floors, infinite tower, etc, KFM shifts away from ani cancel reigning supreme. The balance changes we get make tiger strike (the far right path for 2, I'm fuzzy on names) and searing blow (far right on F) far better because on top of having roughly 90% uptime on searing palm, we get these buffs, I underlined the most ones that make the most impact.


Iron Mountain (F)
– Stage 1, 2, 3 is changed to Wind elemental
– increase the damage of Stage 2,4
– Tier 3 Stage 2, Tier 4 Stage 2: add effect – reduce Pressure Point CD by 4sec
– Tier 4 Stage 2: reduce the CD of Landslide (V) by 3 sec
– New Stage 4 tree: Fire elemental skill, recover 3 Focus on cast
– Tier 3 Stage 4: trigger Roundhouse Kick (4)
– Tier 4 Stage 4: reduce Landslide (V) CD by 3 sec
– Tier 5 Stage 4: reset CD upon crit

Firestorm Kick (RB)
– Increase the damage of Tier 2 Stage 2

Falling Star (LB)
– reduce Focus consumption from 3 to 1.

Cyclone Kick (F)
– Tier 2/3 Stage 2:  increase damage
– Tier 3 Stage 2: add effect – deal additional damage with Pressure Point status

Shin Kick (3)
– Tier 3 Stage 2: add effect – deal additional damage to Grabbed, Force Gripped target.

Tiger Strike (2)
– increase the damage of Stage 4
– Tier 5 Stage 4: increase the additional damage from Searing Palm status

– Tier 3 Stage 3: add effect – deal additional damage to Grabbed, Force Gripped target

Landslide (V)
– Tier 4 Stage 2/3: increase the damage of Tiger Strike (2) Stage 4, Cyclone Kick Stage 2 by 20% within the AOE
– Stage 2/3: become instant cast. 

 Suppress (TAB)
– Remove Tier 4/5 Stage 1
– Move Tier 4/5 Stage 2 to Tier 4/5 Stage 1

Cold Surge (TAB)
– Move Tier 3/4/5 Stage 3 to Tier 3/4/5 Stage 2

Spirit Burst (TAB)
– Move Tier 4/5 Stage 4 to Stage 4/5 Stage 3
– Tier 4/5 Stage 3: the effect of “reduce the CD of Shattering Fist (4) by 4 sec when party members attack” is changed to “reduce CD by 5 sec”
– Tier 4/5 Stage 3: AOE is changed to 50m

Spirit Focus (TAB)
– A new skill tree added to Suppress: Tier 4/5 Stage 4
– Tier 4/5 Stage 4: self buff, recover 100% Focus, increase 100% crit damage, deal HP leech damage equal to 70% of attack; reset the CD of Shattering Fist (4) Stage 3 every 2 sec.
– Spirit Focus buff share the resist status with Spirit Buff (Boost buff)

Smite (F)
– Stage 4: CD is changed from 18 sec to 12 sec

Guiding Fist (RB)
– Tier 1 Stage 1: CD is changed from 9 sec to 12 sec; Aggro 150% increase duration is reduced from 15 sec to 10 sec

Avenging Fist (RB)
– change to Fire elemental
– Stage 3: trigger condition is changed to “on successful Parry; after using Elbow Strike (1)”

Palm Strike (X)
– change to Fire elemental

Flying Slam (TAB)
– Tier 4/5 Stage 3: change to Wind elemental
– Tier 3/4/5 Stage 1: add effect – increase 150% aggro for 10 sec.

Searing Palm (X)
– Unleash Flow status grant additional effect: increase 10% crit damage.

Rising Dragon (Z)
– add new tree: Tier 5 Stage 3 – add effect “pull enemies” and “induce 2 sec Daze”. 

Searing Kick (F)
– Tier 3 Stage 3: reduce the additional damage to Grabbed, Force Gripped target. 


You can check out the full patch notes here

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